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we close deals that open doors.

Buying or selling residential or commercial real estate can be a stressful process- you are making a major financial decision that will impact your financial health, while dealing with a process that is complicated and lengthy.  The Katris Law Group is committed and excited to offer the proper guidance and representation to its clients.  Our firm prides itself in providing personal attention, communication and experience to each of our clients. When you bring your real estate matter to The Katris Law Group, you can feel confident in your choice.


Unlike many other firms, our knowledge and understanding of property taxes and the calculations involved, allows to better represent our clients who are looking to buy or sell real estate.  As a Buyer, I will diligently negotiate on your behalf so that you may receive your fair share of tax credits. After all, since property taxes are paid in arrears, why should you be responsible to pay out-of-pocket for a time in which you did not occupy the property?  As a Seller, I will work with you on modifying the already-existing tax proration clause in your contract in order to minimize your liability and allow for only what tax amount is mathematically projected. We help keep more $$ in your pocket.



Accessibility and personal service is our main concern.  Most clients are eager to find out what is happening during the course of their case. Our checklist system will provide frequent updates on your case and grant access to all the information you seek. 



Unlike many other firms out there, every case  is processed and presented by a licensed attorney.  Your entire case will be managed by me and will never be passed down to support staff.  In short, our flat fee puts a highly skilled real estate attorney in your corner from start to finish.

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